1.         Tips on kit-building. Each DZKit manual has a number of pages at the beginning that explain how to solder safely and well, how to avoid static electricity that could damage sensitive electronics, how to sort parts, and how to follow the step-by-step instructions.

2.         Detailed Parts List. Each board or chassis construction section has a list of parts along with a picture or drawing of the each part for easy identification.


3.         Simple Step-By-Step procedures.
Every step has a set of parentheses next to it so that you can check off the step as you finish it. The steps are written in non-technical, everyday language so everyone can understand.


4.         Detail drawings, pictorials, and color pictures are used to show exactly what the board or chassis should look like.

5.         Exclusively with DZKit, parts bags are pre-sorted. When parts look similar, they are placed in different bags. Each bag has the actual part name (C12, R22, etc.) and its value marked on tags that are inserted in the bags. Match the part with the silkscreened text on the board, check it off on the tag and you can’t go wrong.

6.        Also exclusive to DZKit, if you have access to a nearby PC while building your kit, you can bring up the board layout using free software and search for a part name.

The software will show you exactly where the part goes. TRY IT! Here's the ExpressPCB layout file for our DC distribution and Antenna Tuner Board. Download the free PC layout software from ExpressPCB. The first time you run ExpressPCB software, it will load libraries, which will take a minute or so. Then open the file you just downloaded. Press "Ctrl-F" to find a part. Enter R1 and press return. You will see how easy it is to locate parts on our boards! And if you're an experimenter, you will like using this free software to lay out your own boards.

7.         Operating/Troubleshooting Instructions. Our more complex manuals are broken into three parts - assembly, operating and service/troubleshooting, and each of these are very detailed.

8.         Circuit Description, Block Diagram and Schematics. If you are technically inclined, or interested in learning about electronics, you’ll find the Theory section of the Service Manual very helpful  as well as educational. One reviewer said "The circuit descriptions are the best I've ever come across for *any* piece of equipment I've ever worked on...Extremely well done."

9.         Warranty. DZKit warrants all kit parts against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 90 days after shipment.


Do you lament the loss of manufacturing jobs to other countries? You can help solve that national crisis by manufacturing your products yourself! Rediscover the fun of building it yourself, too. Satisfaction guaranteed. And our support system is designed to fulfill our motto:  "We'll make sure you succeed." Read "The DZKit Promise" to learn how.