Sienna HF Receiver/Transceiver Kit Highlights

  • See why Sienna is ergonomically superior to other rigs

  • Features and Benefits of Sienna

  • Dayton 2012 video of Sienna (courtesy of

  • Now with customizable front panel, keycap and LED colors

  • True kit - soldering required (about 40 hours to build boards, assemble, cal and test)

  • Modular (start small, add modules as your budget allows)

  • Wide selection of IF filters, plus the ability to slide the 2nd and 3rd IF filters back and forth against each other to create the effect of a variable width filter (see Filters page)

  • World-class QSK performance - 10ms T/R turnaround time lets you hear between the dits at over 70 wpm with no audio thumps or clicks! See Rx Performance page). No funny business here. Use RIT/XIT/SPLIT all you want. No restrictions. No menu options to set. Just push the Full-break-in button on the front panel.

  • Great Tx audio! Tx accepts unbalanced line (back panel) or balanced (front panel) mic inputs, both active simultaneously. Balanced preamp with selectable gain accepts low or high output mics. Compatible with 150-600 ohm mics. 12th-order crystal filter provides superior carrier and unwanted sideband rejection while preserving bass frequency response. Separate 7th-order 5kHz AM/ESSB filter also included. Tx IF shift available in menu. See new plots of Tx IMD on our performance page.

  • Numerous usability features: alert when you try to transmit outside of your license privileges, keyer with choice of iambic A/B or Ultimatic mode, easy menu navigation, keyer controls on the front panel rather than buried in menus, simultaneous headphone and speaker usage with separate volume controls, many ways to change bands and frequency, 5 vfo memories per band, simple RIT/XIT with clear display of transmit and receive frequencies so you don't accidentally transmit on top of DX that's operating split, four velvet-smooth tuning speeds, much more!

  • Full duplex transceive

  • Transverter interface

  • 455 kHz wideband IF Output drives panadapters such as the RFSpace SDR-IQ
    (Sienna is a supported radio in the SpectraVue software that comes with the SDR-IQ

  • Remote controllable via RS-232 and works with popular rig control software

Above: (Left) WA7BNG's shack, showing Sienna with internal PC and MIO card connected to two monitors, running DXLab software (Right) WB6VHK's setup using HRD with a front-panel-less Sienna

  • Great sounding audio on all modes

  • Logical control groupings, with optional 12-button external keypad for instant band changing

  • Beautiful backlit analog meters - one for transmit functions, one for receive

  • User-updatable firmware

  • Lightweight (10-12lbs), but wide footprint and screwed-on rubber feet make it stay put  

  • Easy alignment using only a volt/ohm meter, rf power meter and monitor receiver