Customize your Sienna appearance by choosing from three front panel color styles, three keycaps and four LED colors:


  • Original two-tone gray, with burgundy and yellow highlights, color wheels around knobs. White keycaps with green colored lens and green LED.






Two-tone gray with minimal colors.






Black background, with off-white lettering. Groups are identified with lines. Color wheels are maintained around knobs.




Keycap choices:

  • Original (white body with clear cap and colored lens, shown above)

  • Gray body with frosted top (left, below)

  • White body with clear cap and frosted lens (right, below)

Switches are available with red, yellow, green or blue LEDs.

You can mix and match LED colors with keycaps as follows:

* Red, yellow and green LEDs can go with any keycap, however, if using a colored lens, the LED color must match

* Blue LEDs can only be used in the two switch models shown in the photo (no colored lens is available)

* We suggest picking one style of keycap and LED color, not intermixing a variety on the front panel, but we'll do it any way you like

E-mail us your preferred color scheme after placing order.

Note: The dual color on/off switch is only available with green/red LEDs and cannot be customized.