HT-7 40M AM Handie-Talkie .... Wait, did we say A M??? As in "Ancient Modulation"?  
Yes, we did!

From QST Product Review, November, 2012: "The DZKit HT-7 to build and fun to operate... [It is] really a cleverly designed modern transceiver dressed as a Model T. The HT-7 builder will gain good experience in preparation for building other kits. The experience of reliving my Novice days while building this Heathkit-like kit was priceless and the completed transceiver does in fact, function well. I found it to be pure fun."

Rekindle the days of yesteryear! Operates on the 40M AM calling frequency (7.290MHz). 2W transmitter puts out a healthy AM signal with a simple whip antenna (not included).  Connect to a large outside antenna for extended range. Direct conversion circuit. 6-8MHz bandpass filter on input keeps high-power shortwave and local broadcast band stations out. Wide-range built-in electret microphone built-in, or feed your own external mic into the top-mounted jack. 6kHz 7-element crystal filter provides great sounding audio on transmit and receive. Built-in hi-fidelity speaker. Headphone jack for private listening. BNC antenna jack. Accepts Lithium Ion 11.1V/4AH battery pack (not included, see below), or use external power supply. Amateur license required for purchase. Now shipping!

Download manuals here!

We asked one of our first customers his opinion of the kit. Here's what he said:

"The package was in excellent shape. There were no shortages. It took me about 5-1/2 hours to complete building the kit. The instructions and documentation are excellent. I found the transmitted audio to be very good and the receiver to be very sensitive. Thanks for a quality kit . I expect to be building more of your kits in the near future." -- Jim, W3WA

HTA-1 Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack

Includes built-in overcharge, overdischarge, overdrain, short-circuit and reversed polarity protection. Weight: 10.4 oz (370g). Dimensions: 2.6" (66mm) x 2.1" (53mm)  x 1.7" (43mm). Must be recharged using Lithium Ion charger only. Not for use with NiCd or NiMH chargers. Can be charged in use by connection of a 12VDC power supply, or go to BatterySpace to order an inexpensive charger made for this battery.




HTA-2   57" Extendable whip antenna
Plugs into top of HT-7 or into the top of the HTA-3, below
Made by Miracle Antenna of Canada-


HTA-3   Inline mechanical tuner
The HTA-3 (Ducker IL from Miracle Antenna of Canada), plugs onto the top of the HT-7.  Plug the HTA-2 extendable whip on top, and you have up to 30dB gain on HF receive, and full transmit capability.

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